Access your facts and figures in a split second
A simple way to collect, organize, and share key project information.
Spake is a free app that helps you to capture important bits of information and easily retrieve them later. You can share everything you've collected simply by sending a link.
No signups, even for sharing.
Where can you use Spake?
Avoid ‘let me check that’ moments by sharing accurate details without interrupting your conversation
Focus on your audince, with all important information just a glance away
Cite your sources and back every point you make, even with new material
Spake is here to stay.

Will Spake be around 5 years from now?

Oftentimes, projects shut the gates when creators realize they don't make enough money. Spake is a not-for-profit project and from day one we have no income expectations. We might be a bit slow on shipping new features but what's already there is here to stay.

New home for key project information
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